Google AdWords Management: The 3 Types of AdWords Tools You Must Have


To cater for everybody in this huge boat, from beginners to more experienced marketers, there are a lot of Ad management tools available. They all claim to assist you in managing your campaign, but the way they do so differs. Everybody wants to simplify their life. In the case of google ads campaign management tools, you want to have less work and more control.
One tool in particular is called Campaign Manager. This is ideal for those who manage several PPC campaigns at a time. It allows you to track clicks on your PPC ads by creating a simple ad group. It also lets you split an ad group up into different ad groups, each with its own set of keyword parameters. You can then control what you want your desired results to be. The Campaign Manager tool also lets you manage your ad groups in real time.
Another useful Google AdWords management tool is Keyword Elite. While it may not seem very helpful if you don't have a large number of campaigns to manage, it will prove to be useful if you have a few medium-size campaigns. It allows you to perform advanced keyword research. If you can refine your campaigns for better performance in a particular area, you can target that area even more tightly with more specific keywords. This makes for more targeted campaigns and more customers.
You can also use Google Trends to keep an eye on the best keywords to use for your PPC campaigns. By monitoring the searches related to your keywords, you can determine which of those terms to bring in the best return for your money. Keeping track of the best keywords will let you perform the right AdWords management techniques to bring you the best return for your investment.
The third type of AdWords management tool that you should use to bring you the best results is called the landing page design tool. Page relevancy and conversion tracking using the landing page design tool will allow you to see how well your keywords are matching up against their corresponding search terms. This will allow you to make any necessary refinements to your ad copy or ad targeting so that you can get the most of your investment while making the most of your advertising budget. The landing page design tool also allows you to track your return of investment (ROI) in a very precise manner.
Landing pages are very important parts of your overall AdWords campaign, as they will make up the first few lines of your ad copy. These lines of copy will be what searchers will read first before coming across something else on your site. In many ways, they are quite similar to meta tags in a HTML website. Your conversion rate directly affects how well you rank in the search results, and the more relevant your web page content is to the searches coming across it, the better chance your web page will have of becoming clicked on - and thereby bringing you the best possible conversion rates. You will also be able to track your campaign's performance in real-time with the landing pages, which is absolutely important if you want to bring about the best results for your campaign.
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